My Story

This period of time, has been difficult for all of us dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. For myself I was made redundant last Summer. I had always worked in the finance industry and felt now was the perfect time to venture onto a different path.

Whilst I spent time with my family in lockdown, I started to reflect on what my passions are. Finding that I deeply cared about the environment and also love making people smile. Many years ago I studied floral art and it’s something, I have shared with my friends and family ever since. I love learning, so this year is about researching new skills in the business of floristry and sustainability. I’ve always dreamt that one day I would have my own floristry business, and now it’s become a reality I am striving to bring smiles through the giving of beautiful flowers, whilst being as eco friendly as possible (using the best bio-degradable wrapping and sourcing British flowers wherever I can).

A Little Bit About Us

Alice cares passionately about ensuring giving and receiving flowers is something special for everyone.

She believes that it’s important to show people we care not just on the big occasions, but being there for the highs, the lows and simply just to say hello.

Remembering those precious memories. Finding the courage to say sorry. Or silly ways to make them smile. After all, unexpected flowers really are the best.



All of our designs are created with love

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Supporting local

Supporting local sutainably: Our local growers follow a ‘grow to order’ model, so our growers only cut the flowers we need – less wasteful and more sustainable!

Sustainable products

We try to use sustainable products wherever we can, our flower food sachets are recycable, even our celophane is biodegradable.

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We aim to primarily use seasonal British flowers. Hopefully, soon, every one of our flowers and foliage will be locally grown for us.

Best quality Dired & Fresh Flowers at affordable price!

Whether it’s a bouquet to make a friend smile, a wreath for your door or fabulous wedding flowers you want, we can design with you, to ensure you are really happy with your flowers.


We source our flowers from weekly markets to get the best prices for the quality we demand. We also work with our local suppliers to guarantee the best value for the most gorgeous fresh flowers and will always try to use local flowers to reduce our carbon footprint and support our local farmers.

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